The world faces the challenge of addressing the decarbonisation of the economy and, in particular, of the energy model in order to replace it with a more sustainable model that contributes to restoring the harmonious relationship between humanity and the planet. The only way to meet the challenge of decarbonisation that will enable humanity to contain the planet's temperature and overcome the climate emergency is to give a decisive boost to the implementation of a renewable energy system and overcome the fossil fuel system.

This challenge is also an opportunity for ACCIONA Energy to provide the planet with the most appropriate and effective solutions to achieve a decarbonised economy.

ACCIONA Energy, as the world's largest fossil-free utility operating exclusively in renewable technologies, with more than 30 years of experience in the sector and one of the most expert teams in the world, designs integrated energy solutions for a better planet. Solutions that improve the lives of communities where we create long-term relationships and lasting positive impact.

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