Science Equity is the key, because...
Science is an
economic engine
Science is essential to address the SDG
Science is necessary to create a value industry
Science has the answer to the challenge we face

Facing Challenges Summit Madrid will gather all relevant Science Equity European players for sharing experiencies about investment in Science to create future industry.

Science Equity funds invest in disruptive technologies for needs not covered in our society which are a fundamental part of a shift towards a more sustainable economy, being key in the modernization of the industrial infraestructure while promoting new business models.

With a booming industry valued at approximately 1 billion euros in Europe and at least 85 new disruptive investments per year stemming from science, the opportunities for investors are endless. These investments hold tremendous potential, capable of reshaping the way we live and helping us achieve the United Nations' sustainability goals by 2030.

Be part of the change and be welcome to the epicenter of Science Equity!

*Please note that Facing Challenges stage has restricted access and only invited attendees will be able to access it.

Who will participate?

Science Equity Funds

Big corporates

Public Institutions

Public & Private Investors (LPS)

Science Equity funds attending

We currently have the participation of the most powerful investment
Science Equity funds in Europe such as:

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