ADParticles is a technological Spanish company. We develop sustainable and multifunctional mineral UV filters and pigments due to our exclusive dry dispersion process. Our ingredients are micrometric-sized with high protection against UVA and UVB radiation in only one ingredient (UVA/UVB ratio>0,6), being completely transparent on the skin or having the colour integrated into the same particle (multifunctional effect).

Our mineral UV filters (enhanceU) are totally unique due to their composition and the patented manufacturing process. They protect in the total broad spectrum (UV; HEV; Visible and IR-A) with only one ingredient.

Sustainable products (COSMOS, ECOCERT, ISO 16128, Reef-Friendly) by sustainable manufacturing process (no water consumption; low energy; natural raw material; no organic solvents; no residues).

Globally compliance with international regulations and high quality, ADP products are manufactured and validated by USP methods.

The global market (specially USA) is moving to sustainable and healthy mineral filters. ADParticles ingredients are totally aligned with new market trends. ADPCosmetics ingredients are specially designed for protecting the skin and the environment.

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