The Axencia Galega de Coñecemente en Saúde (ACIS) is a Galician public entity created with the aim of becoming the central element in the ecosystem of knowledge and innovation in health in Galicia.

In a new vision to address the challenges of knowledge, it is acknowledged that the most valuable tool for healthcare professionals in the care of health is knowledge itself. Experience, training, research, innovation, and new technologies ensure the continuous improvement of healthcare practices, emphasizing the need for an integrated management of all these elements to achieve the maximum value for the patient.

On one hand, the assimilation and application of new techniques, therapies, and treatments are deemed essential to provide healthcare of the highest quality. On the other hand, it is recognized that the advancement of knowledge enabling these new tools is increasingly rapid, necessitating the availability of resources to manage it autonomously, swiftly, and efficiently. This management should be results-oriented with a vision capable of combining immediate needs with medium and long-term planning.

Regarding ACIS's mission, it is established that the agency serves the Public Health System of Galicia to optimize the circulation of knowledge from its origin to its transfer to society. To achieve this, ACIS integrates in a single value chain:

  1. Training of healthcare professionals.
  2. Health research.
  3. Innovation under an open approach, ensuring that results reach from the laboratory to the patient's bedside and also to the market, with economic returns benefiting public healthcare.
  4. Technology assessment to guarantee the application of the latest technologies under maximum safety criteria.
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