The Galician Innovation Agency is an autonomous public agency, attached to the Ministry of Economy, Industry and Innovation but with its own legal personality, whose purpose is to promote and structure innovation policies in Galician public administrations, and to support and promote growth and competitiveness of Galician companies, through the implementation of efficient innovation strategies and programs. The objectives it pursues are:

- Lead the innovation policies of Galician public administrations.
- Define and develop public policies that allow companies and other agents to develop innovation initiatives based on knowledge that increase their competitiveness and promote their growth.
- Define and develop public policies aimed at valorizing the knowledge developed by companies, universities and research centers in Galicia.
- Define and develop public policies aimed at increasing efficiency in the results of the Galician Innovation System, evaluated through the implementation of a system of indicators of comparable impact.
- Stimulate the structuring and consolidation of the Galician R+D+i System.
- Promote scientific and technological research and development, through specific initiatives and programs in the Galician Autonomous Community.
- Promote collaborative relationships between the different agents of the Galician Innovation System by promoting the creation and strengthening of knowledge networks between public and private agents from an exchange and open research perspective.
- Promote the progressive internationalization of agents and innovation initiatives by promoting the presence of companies in European innovation programs and access to international financing funds.
- Define and develop public policies aimed at attracting and managing talent that allow, as a whole, to increase the innovative performance of companies and the Galician Innovation System.
- Coordinate regional resources in the field of R&D+i and coordinate them with contributions from state plans and European Union funds.
- Favor the transfer of knowledge and technology between different agents and, particularly, between public research bodies and companies.
- Support the promotion and dissemination of scientific and technological knowledge in Galicia, promoting society's interest in research, development and innovation.

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