TCUE is the acronym for Transfer of Knowledge University-Business (Transferencia de Conocimiento Universidad-Empresa) and was born with the aim of promoting patents and market-oriented research of the University of Castilla y León, as well as the technological and scientific offer of the Universities of Castilla y León.

The TCUE Network is made up of: the Regional Ministry of Education itself, through the Castilla y León Universities and Higher Education Foundation (FUESCYL), and the 9 universities with governing bodies in Castilla y León (Universidad de Burgos, Universidad de Salamanca, Universidad de León, Universidad de Valladolid, Universidad Católica “Santa Teresa de Jesús” de Ávila, Universidad Europea Miguel de Cervantes, Universidad Pontificia de Salamanca, IE Universidad y Universidad Isabel I de Castilla).

TCUE has meant a great qualitative and quantitative leap in terms of knowledge transfer for Castilian and Leonese universities. To illustrate this statement, it suffices to review some accumulated results since 2008 (source: Directory of Indicators, accumulated data up to 31 December 2022): the universities as a whole have filed more than 539 patent applications with the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office. They have applied for 204 international patents and have signed 103 licensing contracts. They have also registered 590 new computer programmes and applications. Since 2008, 145 technology-based companies (EBT) have been created.

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