Molecular Gate aims to provide a unique and effective security system for the pharmaceutical market that will help verify the authenticity of pharmaceutical products, such as vaccines, while ensuring proper handling during storage and transport. The researchers anticipate that the technology "will not only allow direct, machine-readable visual verification, but will also be almost impossible to counterfeit by other methods".

The spin-off has been created together with the team of BeAble Capital, a fund manager specialising in Science Equity (technology transfer in Deep Science) which, in addition to providing the necessary investment, will support the company in shaping the business strategy to exploit the market niche.

The technology to be developed by the spin-off is to create anti-fraud features for typical pharmaceutical industry packaging, including bottles and blister packs, to ensure that the products contained are authentic. This is vital not only for the consumer to be sure that he or she is taking the authentic medicine with certified efficacy, but also for the pharmaceutical companies themselves to safeguard their reputation in the marketplace.

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