The Fundación Parque Científico de Madrid (FPCM) offers offices, laboratories, shared workspaces, and high-quality R&D professional services for scientific and technological entrepreneurs to develop their projects with a guarantee of success.

Located in Madrid, it presents itself as a secure option for innovative projects seeking to carry out their professional activities in a strategic environment where the University, Industry, and Business come together in their commitment to R&D+i.

The incubation program and the available PROFESSIONAL SERVICES enable companies, entities, and entrepreneurs to be more competitive in the market and beneficial to society.

Moreover, the FPCM provides SCIENTIFIC SERVICES to research groups, hospitals, public and private laboratories through its Genomics Platform, offering solutions from experimental design to statistical analysis and interpretation of results.

The Park emphasizes INTERNATIONALIZATION as a tool to generate business opportunities for its associated companies and to promote cooperation with foreign organizations.

Lastly, the Foundation actively participates in technology transfer networks and international sector forums, providing advice on the implementation of science parks and incubators.

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