The University of Extremadura was founded in 1973 (Decree 991/1973, 10th May 1973 BOE 18th May 1973). Its history is intimately linked to the region of Extremadura. Initially, the University was made up of the Faculty of Sciences in Badajoz, the University College in Caceres, the University Schools for primary teacher-training in Caceres and Badajoz and the School of Agricultural and Technical Engineering in Badajoz. Since its opening, UEx has seen a rise in student numbers, degrees and centres, expanding to a total of four separate centres, including the campuses in Badajoz and Caceres, the University Centre in Merida and the University Centre in Plasencia.

More than 24,000 under-graduate and post-graduate-level students study at UEx, along with a further 8,000 students who are completing doctoral studies or other courses. 1,500 teachers and more than 800 administrative, technical and service staff work at this University. The Rector is Pedro M. Fernández Salguero and the Governing Body of the University is made up of different professional bodies, such as the Governing Senate and Council and university staff members such as the Vice-Rectors, Management and General Secretary.

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