The Universidad de Salamanca is a Spanish public university based in the city of Salamanca, where most of its centres are located, although it also has centres in the cities of Zamora, Ávila and Béjar. It is the oldest operating university in Spain and in the Hispanic world and the third oldest in Europe. Currently, the University of Salamanca is made up of 26 faculties and schools, which offer almost 70 degrees, 26 double degrees, 76 master's degrees and 41 doctoral programmes.  The catalogue of teaching in philology is one of the most complete in Spain.

In the last three years it has filed an annual average of 5 patent applications with the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office. They have applied for 4 international patents per year and have signed 2 licensing contracts. They have also registered 7 new computer programs and applications. They have also contributed to the formation of 3 EBTs annually.

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