The Universidad Autónoma de Madrid and BeAble Capital organise Science for Industry (S4I): the largest international meeting point for Deep Science

Madrid, 17 October 2023 - The Universidad Autónoma de Madrid and BeAble Capital are once again involved in the organisation of this event, now transformed into Science for Industry (S4i), the largest international meeting point for Deep Science, which will be held on 18 and 19 January 2024 at La Nave (Madrid). An evolutionary leap that will attract the main European institutions and specialised investors to boost the national and international industrial technology ecosystem.

It will be structured around three main axes:

- Global Summit (Patents for Innovation): It will highlight the importance of scientific research. It also has technological tools such as the Digital Patent Catalogue (where the registered patents of each organisation can be found) and the Corporate Innovation Challenges Platform (a space where the challenges being faced by the leading companies in each industrial sector can be found). The Global Summit will have several stages and exhibition space for universities and research centres.

- Investor Day: A new section where knowledge-generating organisations and Deep Science start-ups will present their technologies to investors and companies. A large networking area will be set up where it will be possible to schedule one-to-one meetings with top-level investors.

- Facing Challenges: Meeting of Science Equity funds organised by BeAble Capital, which has been held twice in Madrid and is now part of S4i. Previous editions of Facing Challenges were attended by top-level speakers from institutions such as the European Investment Bank and the European Commission.

Transferring the technological results from knowledge-generating organisations to the business fabric in order to improve their processes and, therefore, society. This was the aim of Patents for Innovation, the largest patent fair in Europe, which sought to become a link between science and business, highlighting the importance of scientific research. Now, Science for Industry maintains this objective, but extending its scope of action to the entire Deep Science ecosystem.

In the words of Félix Zamora, Vice-Rector for Transfer and Innovation at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (UAM): "This initiative was born out of the problem we detected in the amount of knowledge and talent that exists in universities and research centres but that does not always find that transfer to the business sector. We believed that we were missing substantial opportunities to improve society, so having a meeting point where all the links of the innovative ecosystem are connected is a very important milestone to solve it. Our merger with Facing Challenges to form Science for Industry adds other important elements to the equation, such as investors and important national and international organisations and institutions. In addition, another highlight of the event will be Investor Day, an exclusive networking area, which can only be accessed by pre-arranging meetings".

Alberto Díaz, Partner and Co-Founder of BeAble Capital and organiser of the event together with the UAM, emphasises the importance of giving visibility to the industries arising from science: "We are facing a new concept of event around deep technologies, as Science for Industry will be key to give visibility to the mechanism that allows industry to emerge from the seeds created by Deep Science, mainly in Europe. This is essential, because we are talking about key strategic technologies, such as advanced materials, nanotechnology, agrotechnology, photonics, micro and nanoelectronics and industrial biotechnology. Only with them will we be able to solve existential challenges for our survival: greener energy and better storage, water, waste revaluation, new materials, elimination of pollutants, etc. In this edition, as Félix mentioned earlier, Facing Challenges, the summit of Science Equity funds that has been held in Madrid on two occasions organised by BeAble Capital, has also been incorporated. With this addition, we will be able to attract all the pieces of the ecosystem, as investors, national and European public agents, start-ups, industrial companies, universities and research centres will be able to coincide, making it the ideal showcase for new technologies and products arising from science and deep knowledge".

Europe has 15 countries among the 25 most innovative in the world

These are data from the Global Innovation Index. Spain, among the 39 European countries covered by the index, is 29th in the ranking. There is a direct correlation between innovation and GDP per capita, so there is a huge opportunity for our country and society to benefit. The difference with other countries is the degree of integration and collaboration that is achieved in the transfer from knowledge-generating organisations (Deep Science) to companies. "Also, in my opinion, the maturity of the Venture Capital fund markets has an influence, which have a more mature perception of investment in innovation, with a perception of the risk-benefit binomial that is more balanced and beneficial in the long term", argues the Vice-Chancellor for Transfer of the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (UAM).

About Science for Industry

The largest international meeting point for Deep Science, organised by the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid and BeAble Capital, with the support of the Madrid City Council and the Community of Madrid. S4i will showcase the most disruptive research projects from the main industrial sectors, and will connect universities, startups, research centres, large corporations and Science Equity funds from all over the world, making Madrid the epicentre of Deep Science.

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