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SE is the investment industry specialized in the transfer of technology with a strong IP protection arising out of Deep Science (that means, industrial science-based companies: nanotech, advanced materials, photonics, nano & microelectronics, industrial biotech, medtech, advanced manufacturing etc) through the creation, investment and growth of spin offs and start-up companies.

2. Due to its unique nature, SE is a new investment asset class different from traditional Venture Capital and Private Equity, as it only invests in Deep Science and mostly in pre-seed and seed stages.

3. SE purpose is transferring to the economy disruptive investment technologies solving uncovered societal needs and global challenges.

4. SE is key to meet UN SDG and to achieve sustainable and competitive industrial growth.

5. Investing in SE is investing in the economy of the future for a common Europe.

6. In SE, the link between impact and profitability is indisputable.

7. SE is one of the keys for achieving a reindustrialized and wealthy Europe capable of generating equality, qualified employments and opportunities for its citizens.


SE represents a powerful tool for European corporations to enhance their innovation processes and increase their global competitiveness.

9. SE community needs support from public and private financing and equity to become a powerful tool to provide financial returns to its supporters.

10. It is necessary for European countries to become aware of SE potential for supporting this investment asset class within the investors’ business community.

11. SE needs the support from specific European policies enhancing this type of investment.

12. SE is the tool which allows to untap the huge potential of science accumulated for decades in Europe and eventually solve that EU’s research excellence does not translate into business and economical improvements.

13. SE is one of the most powerful tools to place Europe among the top world leaders.

14. SE funds typically manage more investments with higher efforts compared to later stage venture capital funds.

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