Improving the patient experience: reducing waiting times

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Patient experience plays an increasingly important role in any healthcare-related process. In this challenge, we focus on addressing the challenge of reducing waiting times in healthcare services. We seek solutions that optimise care processes, streamline patient arrival and minimise waiting times, thus improving the patient's experience in the healthcare system.

Possible applications: Solutions such as efficient appointment management systems, tools for real-time monitoring of the availability of professionals and services, use of chatbots and virtual assistants for virtual care, and education and empowerment programmes for patient self-responsibility in the management of their health can be proposed.

Current and future technologies: Proposed solutions can leverage existing technologies such as mobile booking and appointment tracking apps, queue management systems, process automation tools such as diagnosis or treatment through AI. In addition, emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, real-time data analytics and system interoperability could be used to further streamline care and reduce waiting times.

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