Maximising the value of data for the benefit of users and SANITAS

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We recognise that data is a valuable source of information and benefit for both users and SANITAS. In this challenge, we seek proposals that help to understand the true value of data in terms of improving care and user experience, as well as in the development of new services and business models. In addition, an efficient approach is required to manage and exploit this data in an ethical and secure manner.

Possible applications: Solutions can be proposed such as data analysis and reporting systems for clinical and managerial decision making, secure data management platforms, data-driven predictive models for early disease detection, tools for empowerment and access to user information, among others.

Current and future technologies: To address this challenge, data analytics, artificial intelligence, machine learning and blockchain technologies can be used to ensure data confidentiality and security. In addition, future innovations in quantum computing and big data analytics could open up new opportunities for the mutual benefit of data.

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