Janice Overbeck

Janice Overbeck

Filmmaker of Plastic Earth

Janice Overbeck is an Atlanta filmmaker best known for her entrepreneurial prowess in creating a highly successful real estate business, the Janice Overbeck Real Estate Team. Janice has been involved with social issues for positive change for many years now. In early 2020, she took her passion and desire for solving environmental social issues and turned to the filmmaking business. She is the Co-Director/Producer of Plastic Earth (February 2023), and The Last Bumblebee (November 2023), and the Capturing the Carbon series (2024). She is in the early stages of story writing other films as well. "Plastic Earth" is the first documentary feature film of its kind to cover the solutions and technologies being worked on in the world today to combat and eventually solve the plastic crisis that our world is facing. With brilliant research uncovered by her investigative research team, they have gained the support of innovators, scientists, engineers, and researchers passionate to tell the world their story. She is dedicated to producing projects that are compelling and true while making sure viewers get the whole story and not just part of the story.

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